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Extended Feature Description
This system is dedicated to ensure the online presence of your school with very low costs and efforts. We compressed most of the needed functionalities and features that necessitate an online academy and we put them all together into one pack. No limitations when using this system. At most, all school operations are automated and therefore there is reduced paperwork and information is kept safely and securely. Everything from application to class enrollment to detailed performance tracking are all recorded and easily reviewed.
Online Fee Collection

Our transaction facility is integrated with multiple payment gateways, banks and digital wallets to enable you collect student fee from parents and guardians.

Online Live Classes

Our system is radically simple to use and works with leading cloud video providers (google & zoom) to ultimately enable online classes take place remotely just at anytime

Forward Thinking

Anticipate all the necessary resources for the division in support of current and emerging needs across the academy by just looking at the detailed report system for Sectorg3.

Payroll Management

Take control of operations like paying employees, filing employment taxes and other withholding amounts very seemlessly and easily share with necessary officials.

Data-Driven Decisions

Serves as the centralized source for analysis and dissemination of institutional data to support planning by the good visuals of the graphs.

Class/Exam Management

Teachers are able to control the direction of their classrooms by keeping students focused on learning while preventing disruptions.

Very Clear communication

Deliver clear communications, contents and services for the emerging needs of the faculty, staff and students.

Good Attendance System

In realtime given all conditions constant, the administrator can easily know who is at school from the gateman, students and teachers.

Parent Portal

Every parent who admits a child into your school is given a special free online account where they can pay for fees and see also child class performance and reports.

Free Website

Every institute and school using Sectorg3's management system is provided with a free website so as to host events, student admissions, alumni and also online presence.

Library Management

The librarian in charge of the library saves a lot time using this system because books taken out and brought back are digitally recorded including student book defaulters.

Transport Tracking

Track the different routes where students come from and know more incase a child gets lost in the way and didn't reach home. This can be of very good importance.

Auto Marking

Teachers using the system after setting a marking guide can enjoy the benefits of the system automatically marking the online examinations.

Online Cloud

With the provision of digitalocean, Sectorg3 is able to maintain the presence of all institute servers online 24/7 with auto backups tuned.


Manage and know the status of all your institute income, expense, and staff salaries with no more difficult. Just login to your account.


Student letters, fee slip, reports and results can easily be designed with drag and drop and then printed with ease. This saves a whole lot of time.