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Extended Feature Description
Get to choose the top online management system for managing all your simple and complex projects so that you can face every daily challenges like banking, auto-billing of expenses and incomes etc. With an intuitive interface, everything you need to know about supervising and overseeing business operations is wrapped into one-extended system combined with all public-usable third party tools like pesapal, gmeet, zoom, etc. This is the solution to your company needs to be able to manage your every day operations, manage on-going and ad-hoc projects, optimising your processes and procedures including writing your company playbook.
Online Proposals

Create Professional Quotations for getting customer attention with evaluation of good and professional looking proposals that entice a client into accepting the business agreement hence rest assured to sign a contract.

Invoice Management

Create and manage invoices easily and records all your company expenses and has the ability to bill to your customers and auto converts to invoice. This is not limited whether a client has an account with the business or no.

Invoicing & Leads

Create professional Invoice and accept online payments and Manage leads from different lead sources with a classic g3 or kanban view. Records of the invoices are kept safely for review whether the company is operating under losses or no.

Easy Accounting

Manage all kinds of transactions without any accounting knowledge and easily import the database having your deposits, expenses, tasks, projects, leads, and clients into the company management system with just one click.

Online Identity

Your presence on the internet matters alot and Sectorg3 boosts that and you are able to evaluate the efficacy of all your marketing campaigns and you are able to understand without doubt which product or service needs more effort.


Handle all marketing campaigns like social media, google adword, search engines etc from one spot. You will not be limited to time and domain and you will utimately occupy the market share that you are looking for across the web.

Client Management

With every client having a personnal account to keep track of their transactions, virtual assistants included within the system help handle most of the quick client queries and forwards them to the administration for answering.

Online Payments

This extensively necessitates the internal and external business processes that include the buying and selling of good and services to clients. Servicing customers and processing payments is easy given third party intergration tools.

Easy Setup

All you need is a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone with a stable internet connection to start using this system. Being at home, vacation, office, village or any other place, you can handle any kind of business transactions.

365/24/7 Service

The service provided by Sectorg3 and all the third party connections are up and running all year round. Therefore business administrators and their clients can enjoy e-business services like placing orders, making payments etc.

Rich Services

Sectorg3 has richness over all traditional commerce because all our channels are equipped to handle communication in the form of text, video, photo, messaging, sounds, links, etc and so most of the communication is possible.

Asset Management

All kinds of information required about sales, customers details, asset status, income and expense reports, purchase and payment details including all other forms of transactions are readily available when needed anytime.

Non-cash Payments

The third party sources provided by Sectorg3 allows company administrators to easily collect payments for goods and services and clients can pay using their visa debit/credit cards, digital wallets like gpay, mobile money, paypal etc.

Stay Ahead

Given the sheer magnitude of content that different companies have across the internet, you need to always stay ahead and monitor your competition so that you can see how your business stacksup and how you can compare to them.

Drop Shipping

Companies can drop ship a large number products on their main websites to allow their customers order their favourite products even if from another brand. It's a hassle-free process and will increase your profit margins.

Target Audience

Sectorg3 lays a solid foundation for your business by helping you successfully understand the demographic information of your business like income, location, age, occupation etc. And you know about their dis/likes.