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Extended Feature Description
Healthcare pertains to the improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other types of ailments. Sectorg3 provides healthcare in the form of doctor care, nursing care, physical/occupational therapy, medical social services, rehabilitative, emergency, preventive services etc. This serves patients, families, communities and various populations. Right now patients are constantly consulting their healthcare through our online patient portals and telehealth services.

You can book appointments literally from anywhere cutting down on time hence consultations are fixed accordingly because a patient has a personnal account on which to check on with the doctor at anytime they feel.


Take care of the shipment of the medicines from the distributors/manufacturers and keep count of the stock and reorder levels which is linked to the main patient billing. This data is represented by statistical diagrams and circles.


Treatments are meant to be certified for future references therefore a patient is able to generate a copy of their certificate at anytime anywhere. Things like covid vaccincation cards, immunization cards among other things.

Claims Management

This feature automatically routes the entire documents to the concerned claims manager or the organization with utmost accuracy thereby reducing time that is required to process a claim either from an employee or insurance.

In/Out Patient Billing

We provide a complete medical billing and aged dept collection services like consulting to nursing are taken care of by preparing MIS reports of which patients can share the billing with their insurance as proof.

Case Management

Users can initiate a case and track through the progress until it's execution which contributes towards better healthcare delivery and hospital-patient. Therefore processing court cases becomes more clear than ever before.

Lab Management

Manage all appointments, reports, radiology, pathology, ambulance lab reports, pregnant mothers, imaging and organ diagnosis procedure of laboratory in proper and methodical manner using the patient codes provided.

Action Plan

Patients set a goal for behavior that they wish to change, and clinicians/coaches engage patients in a discussion of an action plan that can help the patient fulfill the goal.This maintains the treatment goals by facilitating everyone.

Finance Management

Senior management responsible for tracking and managing the revenue cycles of an entire facility can strategize via this system. This greatly enhances the resources and frees up the ecosystem and decrease unnecessary expenses.

Patient Portal

Every patient who starts any form of medication or treatment via this hmis is created a free account to keep track of their health records. This information can easily be ready for referrals in case the client needs a transfer.

Core Administration

Being a cloud-based system, data and information is captured and all the daily activities are incorporated as per every department hence easening the management process. The administrator can forecast progress or backsliding.

Patient Safety

The data related to patients is kept safely and doctors can recieve an alert from the program security incase there are any issues concerning the patient's health. This clears the gap for patients with chronic health issues and their treatment doctor.

Informed Decisions

With a well built advanced reporting system and easy access to patient data, doctors and nurses are capable of making better decisions to treat patients in a maximally error-free reporting environment.

SMS gateway

A generic SMS gateway with third party support connecting to several service providers easen the ability to communicate, remind and send payment transaction reports to clients or incase of new medicine stock.


With an auto filling feature, the system speeds up the prescription process of every patient, therefore tracking the entire process and taking any needed action becomes easier. This makes the process quick, very safe and error free.

Remote Monitoring

Patient data is fed once and gets connected to multiple databases which becomes future reference to lab tests and clinical departments. This minimizes severe expenses for patients suffering from chronic health.