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Features Of The Management System(S)

Sectorg3 is a robust, commercial-grade and full-featured toolkit for businesses, academies, health facilities and religious institutes. Teamed with motivated best-in-class self driven sect of dedicated i.t professional(s) based in Uganda ready to take the current business level to online operations with equal opportunities. As the smartest group, we offer more features and launching of new and unlimited system features on a daily basis by going deep into the subject with offers to new perspectives. Stop Wasting Your Time And Money Designing And Managing A Website That Does Not Get Results. Happiness is 99.9% 365 24 7 Guaranteed with Sectorg3! We anticipate this system would help you increase your profit margins by 85% in the next two years.

We take your online security is our top most priority therefore we ensure data protection, backup and encryption on a daily basis via Cloudflare CDN.

Online Payments

Easily collect outstanding payments in the form of school fees, goods and services anywhere and track all financial transactions without banks.

Customize, make it yours.

Drag & drop to create customized and effective business experiences from weights to the assignments, reports, assessments and reminders.

Data Migration

Oschestrate data migration from one platform to Sectorg3 and retain the full lifecycle of all your information without loss with auto-saving inbuilt.

Cloud Based System

Sectorg3 is hosted on digitalocean that supports high standards of firewalls, ssl data encryption and protection with full data backup automatically.

Powerful Communication

Keep constant communication with online users, enquiries and increase client-base engagement with just a few clicks anywhere anytime across Sectorg3.

Services We Offer

Service Portals Available

We provide functionality from applications and enrollment to detailed performance archiving, analysis, monitoring and financials. This system investment and effort drives your service to more customer experience, automation of daily activities, the insights and their feedback to achieve unprecedented efficiency.

Schools & Institues

Having been created by school staff for school staff, we absolutely understand time restraints and problems that schools face on a daily basis. That's why the system is automated enough to process large increasing chunks of data with ease hence meeting school requirements.
Features Included
business projects

Businesses & Projects

Acquire a smooth and professional experience while running your entire business in the palm of your hands. That’s why the mindset of your business must reflect a modernistic outlook across various functions from jobs, to salaries, to assignments, to projects all must weild under one strong umbrella.
Detailed Feature List
Small Healthcare

Pharmacy & Clinics

Buy drugs, medicine, healthcare stuff like toiletries safely and quickly through one of Sectorg3's online pharmacy system with local prescription and prescription service. With a convienient communication system, more time is spent with a customer in person via the client portal.
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business projects
building greater
Big HealthCare

Hospitals & Referrals

We provide a comprehensive tool for healthcare institutes like pharmacy, hospitals, clinics to run day to day normal activities like managing patients and medication, claims & case management, actionplan and diagnostics management, including in/out patient billing.
Religious Institutes

Churches & Mosques

Simply track the details of your entire congregation and take good care of financial & donor management, membership & sunday school management, attendance and social management while enjoying superflorous free communication and messaging system.
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cloud management
Live Meetings

Zoom, Gmeet and Cisco WebEx

The coronavirus pandemic has halted normal life and the people across the globe are fighting against it. Sectorg3 as an added advantage has integrated the cisco webex, zoom and gmeet system in order for the doctor's consultations, religious ministries, classrooms and entire academic management to continue communicating as much as possible in a remote style through zoom and gmeet. The only thing here is that you only need to create an account with zoom and gmeet. We really love you so much and always feel the courage to make the Sectorg3 community active always and all the time 365/24/7.
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Payment System

Available Across Several Gateways

Our online transaction facility is intergrated with multiple payment gateways, banks and digitial wallets to enable you to collect any type of fee from anywhere in the world using highly protected personalized portals for your convenience.
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Single Stop Solution

For Online Business Prosperity

Sectorg3 is a set of policies, processes and procedures that can be used by any institution(education, health care, religions and big businesses) to ensure that it can fulfill the tasks required to achieve it's objectives. Our management systems cover every aspect of management and focuses on supporting the performance manangement to achieve the objectives. This simplification of tasks is based on the 4-element "Plan, Do, Check, Act" approach. We're an East African-based dedicated technology brand focusing on business, education, health & religions in more ways than one. It's a Modern and Complete Automation System that suites to almost every academy, health or religious institute(s) from employee/student/patient/member admission to employee/student/patient/member leaving, from fee collection to exam and final results. It includes 21+ modules for businesses, 30+ modules with 8 inbuilt users panel for academies, 34+ modules for health facilities and 25+ modules for religious institutes.